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Dan Pratt

Timeline 1941 Nov 12 – Birth • 1942 Nov 12 – Birthday; age 1 • 1943 Nov 12 – Birthday; age 2 • 1944 Nov 12 – Birthday; age 3 • 1945 Nov 12 – Birthday; age 4 • 1946 Nov 12 – Birthday; age 5 1947 Sep 3 – Starts Kindergarten; age 5 • […]

Japanese Swords Reference

Major Parts of Japanese Swords – A Visual Reference From: A katana was one of two swords that Samurai wore in feudal Japan and was a very important part of their training, lifestyle, and beliefs. Because these weapons had such important significance, their construction and forging required the utmost care. Besides the type of steel and the actual forging method, […]

Komorebi Kanemitsu (木漏れ日兼光)

The Komorebi Kanemitsu, also known as “sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees”, is a wakizashi created by Kanemitsu in 1509. The Komorebi Kanemitsu The Komorebi Kenemitsu, sheath, handle, and blade Name Komorebi Kanemitsu Nickname “sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees” Creator Kanemitsu, 1509 Type Wakizashi, 50.2 cm DimensionsLengthCurvature 50.2 cm1.3 cm […]

Blaste Roddes of Ímar Ua Donnubáin

History The fabled five blasting wands (or rods) of Ímar Ua Donnubáin were arcane devices of purported divine inspiration, first crafted by famed 13th century petty king, navigator, trader, and reputed necromancer Ímar Ua Donnubáin. Based on legend, the goddess Clíodhna whispered the secrets of their making in a dream to Ímar one storm-ridden night. They were […]

Malison Falls (Town)

The town of Malison Falls (including the villages of Garrett Falls and Malison Falls) is a town located in Schoharie County, New York. The town is southwest of Albany, and east of Oneonta and Cooperstown (both located in Otsego County). The town and villages are located immediately west of the Petersburg State Forest on route 4, […]

Floor of Cotton (FoC)

While attending college at the University of Georgia in Athens in the late 1970’s (1978 or 1979), Delio Niro and Michael Stipe (lead singer from REM) were dorm roommates in their freshman year, but due to Delio’s allergies he had to swap rooms. He stayed friends and collaborators with Michael for their budding and ultimately […]